Universities and Colleges

Opportunities for Universities / Colleges

The programme is ideal for colleges/institutions/universities having a bachelors or masters level programme in Life Sciences.

As part of the programme, the IndiGen team would visit the College/Institute/University and deliver a scientific session introducing the participants to genomics and genome applications with emphasis on whole genome sequencing for translational applications.

The programme would further invite participants to take part in the IndiGen programme after informed consent.

As part of the continuous engagement plan, students would be engaged in a continuous programme of education and hands-on exposure on variant annotation and genetic epidemiology. This continuous engagement would be administered online and managed by faculty at CSIR-IGIB.

Selected students who have contributed significantly to the activity would have enormous opportunities to visit CSIR-IGIB on scientific research including short-term internships in lab at Delhi.

Who can participate ?

Colleges / Institutes / Universities providing an accredited (as per The University Grants Commission , Medical or Pharmacy Council of India guidelines) programme in Life Sciences or allied subjects (including Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing) at a Bachelors (BSc/BS/BTech/MBBS/BDS or equivalent) or Masters (MSc/MS/MTech/MD/MDS or equivalent) level.